The Thorn tells the epic story of God’s love for the world and the spiritual battle for all humanity. Often described as cirque meets the passion of Jesus, The Thorn is an immersive show featuring live music, drama, aerial acts, movement arts, modern dance, and big visual effects. Join our more than 1 million fans that have experienced The Thorn live!

Have questions? SCROLL DOWN for FAQs. Most of your questions will be there including child-appropriateness, group tickets and more! If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can email us at [email protected].

For group tickets, contact us at [email protected] or call 941-688-0308.


WARNING: The show includes flashing/strobe lights, fog/haze and loud music.

2024 Spring Tour schedule

April 13-14 | Birmingham, AL

BJCC Concert Hall

4/13/24 - 7pm

4/14/24 -1pm

April 16-17 | Charleston, SC

North Charleston Performing Arts Center

4/16/24 -7pm

4/17/24 -7pm

April 22-23 | Evans (Augusta), GA

Columbia County Performing Arts Center

4/22/24 -7pm

4/23/24 -7pm

April 25-26 | St. Petersburg, FL

Mahaffey Theater

4/25/24 -7pm

4/26/24 -7pm

April 29-30 | Orlando, FL

Dr. Phillips Walt Disney Theater

4/29/24 -7pm

4/30/24 -7pm

May 3-4 | Miami, FL

Ziff Ballet Opera House

5/3/24 -7pm

5/4/24 -1pm

5/4/24 -7pm


5 de Mayo | Miami, FL

Ziff Ballet Opera House

5/5/24 -2pm

15 de Mayo | Grand Prairie, TX

Texas Trust CU Theater

5/15/24 -7pm

17-18 de Mayo | San Antonio, TX

Tobin Center

5/17/24 -7pm

5/18/24 -1pm

21 de Mayo | Sugar Land (Houston), TX

Smart Financial Center

5/21/24 -7pm

25 de Mayo | Inglewood, CA

YouTube Theater

5/25/24 -7pm

28 de Mayo | Fresno, CA

Saroyan Theater

5/28/24 -7pm


Feb 3-4 | Spokane, WA

Feb 8-9 | Seattle, WA

Feb 13 | Eugene, OR

Feb 16-17 | Redding, CA

Feb 21-22 | Los Angeles, CA

Feb 24-25 | Fresno, CA

March 1-2 | San Diego, CA

March 4-5 | Tucson, AZ

March 8-9 | Phoenix, AZ

March 11-12 | Colorado Springs, CO

March 21-22 | San Antonio, TX

March 26-27 | Allen, TX

March 29-30 | Houston, TX

April 3-4 | Kansas City, MO

April 6 | Tulsa, OK

April 9-10 | Memphis, TN


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Got questions? We’ll do our best to answer them! Look below for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your questions here, you can contact us anytime at [email protected]. Thanks and we’ll see you at the show!

Over 12, absolutely. The show was originally designed for teenagers so it is appropriate for anyone 12 and over. Over the years, we have worked to make the show more family-friendly as our audience has evolved to include younger children and families. The show is loud, has graphic content (specifically the crucifixion), and is an intense subject. That said, we have countless younger attendees that have an amazing experience, ages 6 and up. If you are planning on bringing children, the potentially questionable portion of the show is the 30 minutes after intermission (for the live show). The first hour and the last 20 minutes are all-ages appropriate.

The Thorn is not connected to any one particular church or denomination. It was created by a youth pastor as a way to communicate to young people the love of Jesus and the reality of the spiritual battle for our choices, destiny and identity. The Thorn is a Christian-owned production company and the show is performed by high-level artists who want to use their talent to tell Gods story. It is Biblically-based and has a 25 year history. Here are a few links to reviews and a “history of” documentary. The reviews are for the film version of the live show, which is essentially the same as the actual life show.

The Thorn tells the Story of Jesus and the epic spiritual battle for every human being. The story begins with the creation of the world and weaves through time, highlighting the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus and ending with the beginning of the early church.

Group tickets and group discounts are available by contacting Andrea at [email protected] or 941-688-0308.

Your tickets should have been emailed to you when you purchased them. Double-check your inbox and spam/junk folders. If you still can’t locate your tickets, contact the box office of the venue directly as we are unable to access customer purchase data. Don’t worry! You’re tickets should be safe and sound and usually you can even just walk up the venue on the show day and they can help you find them.

The show runs 2 hours and 30 minutes including a 20 minute intermission.

Yes, there is accessibility for people with disabilities. Please contact the individual venues for details.

"Just saw this!!! Wow!!!! I wish I could find the words to truly express just how much it touched my heart. Absolutely breathtaking! I couldn't stop the tears!!!"
"A phenomenal event that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ in a powerful way. Every aspect of the event is spectacular! This is the must see event of our time!"
"Everything was amazing! It’s really hard to put into words, because there is really nothing else like it. The Bible meets theater meets cirque! The perfect amount of humor, Biblical accuracy and impact."
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