The Thorn: A Live Show Like No Other

The Thorn tells the epic story of God’s love for the world and the spiritual battle for all humanity. Often described as cirque meets the passion of Jesus, The Thorn is an immersive show featuring live music, drama, aerial acts, movement arts, modern dance, and big visual effects. Over the past 25 years, more than 1 million people have experienced live!

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 tour dates will be announced soon. Check back for details coming in the next few weeks!

Starting soon, you can also experience THE THORN at home on DVD and BluRay.

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About The Thorn

In 1996, while working as youth pastors in Colorado, John and Sarah Bolin and their team created The Thorn to communicate to students their unconditional value to God. Designed as an interactive, relevant retelling of the Story of God, The Thorn was initially performed to a small audience of high school students. Today, The Thorn tours across the country and features professional dancers, actors, martial artists, and aerialists from around the world.

The team behind The Thorn is also planning several new live shows and feature film projects.

"LOVED seeing "The Thorn" last night. It's a visually dynamic and extremely heart-stirring portrayal of the life of Jesus."

Heather Combs

"Fire, smoke, ballet dancers! It is a great performance! Jesus lives!"

Rick Smith

"Wow!! So amazing! You will not regret a second of it! Beautiful display of the arts as the gospel is displayed. Holy Spirit filled! You heart will be moved!"

Lisa Carrera